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This is my personal blog. I am a student of MBBS medical. In addition, I am the founder of Digital Press Media, Digital India Help in Hindi, Digital Hybrid Education and Digital HT You will find different articles on all this website like technical, news, education along with other types of articles from where you can learn and decorate your review.

Govind Kushwha

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The web portal given below where you will get to read different types of articles

Govind Kushwaha
Govind Nataliya Mam
Prof. Nataliya Mam and me
Govind with Salokova Mam
Dr. Salikova Mam and Me
Group Photo with our NorPhysiology Teacher Evgeni Sir
Norm Physiology, Group Photo with Sir
Group Photo with our Anatomy Teacher Salikova Mam
Anatomy, Group Photo with mam
Group Photo with our Microbiology Teacher
Microbiology, Group Photo with mam
Govind Photo 12
Pathology Lab
Govind Photo 11
Pathology Lab
Библиотека для Молодежи
Библиотека для Молодежи
Govind K. India
During Excursion Pic
@ Narodnaya
Pharmacology Department OrSMU
Pharmacology, Group Photo with Sir
Radiology Department OrSMU
Radiology, Group Photo with mam
Hygiene, Group Photo with mam
Pathophysiology Department
Pathophysiology, Group Photo with mam
Govind Kushwaha MBBS
Out of City Picture in Russia
Happy New Year 2023
New Year 2023 Pic
Topo Anatomy rotated
Topo Anatomy Department
During ice skating rotated
During Ice skating in Russia
Govind Kushwaha in Russia
Random Picture
General Surgery
General Surgery, Group Photo with Sir
Dr. Saurabh Bhai with Me
Dr. Saurabh Bhaiya and me
Russian mam with Group
Russian, Group Photo with mam
Govind Kushwaha

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